October 2017 73rd Greek Annual Orthopaedic and Traumatology Meeting

Treatment of high energy fractures of the tibial condyles with Hybrid External Fixation System.

A.Vasilopoulos, A.Papanikolaou, S.Pernientakis, S.Aggelis, D.Katsoulas

Internal Fixation of periprothetic femural fractures. Our experience

A.Papanikolaou, S.Aggelis, A.Vasilopoulos, S.Pernientakis, D.Hristodoulias, D.Papadopoulos, E.Karadimas

The use of retrograde intramedulary nails in femoral fractures treatment

S.Aggelis, A.Papanikolaou, A.Vasilopoulos, H.Margiannis, S.Pernientakis, D.Katsoulas, D.Papadopoulos, G.Zouboulis

October 2016 72nd Greek Annual Orthopaedic and Traumatology Meeting

Musculoskeletal infections and amputations. Five years of experience.

A.Vasilopoulos, A.Papanikolaou, S.Pernientakis, G.Mamais, D.Hristodoulias, D.Papadopoulos

Haematogenous septic arthritis and osteomyelitis in adults. Study of five years cases.

A.Vasilopoulos, A.Papavasiliou, B.Mpaka, E.Kafkoula, E.Karadimas, A.Papanikolaou

Heavy soft tissue infections without history of recent trauma. Causes and treatment.

A.Papanikolaou, A.Vasilopoulos, P.Masouros, G.Mpountouris, H.Margiannis, D.Katsoulas

October 2015 71st Greek Annual Orthopaedic and Traumatology Meeting

Medium-term results of Anatomical 3rd and 4th generation shoulder arthroplasties

I.Maris, P.Masouros, A.Vasilopoulos, I.Mamais, I.Mpountouris, A.Papanikolaou

Radiofrequency kyphoplasty for the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral fractures: A review of the literature Stylianos S. Pernientakis1, Panagiotis T. Masouros2, Christos P. Margiannis1, Aristomenis Vasilopoulos1 1Orthopaedic Department, Korgialeneio Mpenakeio Hellenic Red Cross Hospital of Athens, Greece; 2Orthopaedic Department, Evangelismos general hospital of Athens, Greece (JRPMS Journal)